What you need to know about car rentals in Montana

Car rentals in the Great Basin have been declining for years.

But in the past few months, they have been trending upward in Montana, as a new state law that takes effect in the next few months gives new power to the county clerks and municipal councils to regulate car rentals.

The legislation, HB 517, has received a strong bipartisan push from lawmakers and the public, and it’s set to take effect in April.

It requires counties to establish an ordinance for their county or city and requires cities and counties to set the rate at which they will charge for car rentals and provide other information.

If a county has more than 20 rental vehicles, the fee for a car rental will be equal to the rate set by the county.

The ordinance also allows cities and the county to establish rates for car rental parking spaces.

This means that cities and municipalities are able to set prices and make rules for car parking on private property.

The new law also includes a provision that allows local governments to regulate parking rates on public property.

The ordinance does not prohibit municipalities from setting parking rates for private property and requires that parking be posted.

The law will allow cities and local governments with a population of 10,000 or more to set rates for cars and trailers that exceed the state’s parking cap.

These rates are to be based on the number of cars and the number that can fit into the space.

The cities and communities can impose parking fees, but they must be in proportion to the size of the population.

A city that imposes a parking fee of $10 per vehicle is exempt from the cap and can charge the maximum rate.

The cap is $1,200 for a single vehicle.

A city may set a fee for parking spaces larger than 25,000 square feet.

It must provide a public notice of the parking fee.

The notice must include the city’s name and address, and the rate must be set at a rate that will be the lowest of the rate available in the area.

A new parking fee must be established by the first Tuesday in January and must be posted at least a week before the first business day in January.

The maximum number of vehicles that may be in a parking space is 30, and a minimum of 10 of these spaces must be accessible to the public.

A local government may designate one or more parking spaces as the public parking space.

A public notice must be given to the residents of the designated parking space, the notice must explain the public benefit of parking, and an employee of the municipality may designate a person to serve as the parking space manager.

The city must provide the parking spaces to the municipality in a safe, clean and sanitary condition.

The rate must include a minimum charge of $2 per day per vehicle for a vehicle that is not a part of a fleet.

The maximum fee that a municipality may charge is $2,500 per day for a fleet of 25 vehicles.

The rates for parking are based on vehicle type and location, and are subject to change.

The parking fee for rental vehicles will be set by a public hearing before the board of county commissioners.

If the fee is higher than the rate required for parking, the municipality must pay the difference.

The county is authorized to impose an additional fee on vehicles parked on private land.

A county ordinance may also require a municipality to collect a fee from owners of a private land if they use the property for a commercial purpose.

The fee must not exceed $10,000.

If the municipality sets a rate on private lands for rental parking, a parking permit is issued for the use of that property.

Owners may apply for the permit.

A local government can set a charge for a permit for parking in a public space.

The fees are set by county commissioners, who must approve the charges.

The permits are issued to residents of designated spaces.

The permit fee is to be in addition to the amount of parking fees that a local government imposes on private properties.

The permits are not transferable and cannot be sold or given to other cities or municipalities.

The permit fee can be paid with a cash payment, check, debit card or money order.

The city of Bozeman is one of six counties in Montana that are currently operating under a parking cap of $1.25 per vehicle.

The Montana Legislature created the cap to allow cities, towns and other community bodies to impose a fee on private homes and businesses for parking.

The cap is set at the county level, but it does not apply to rural or small communities, or to other smaller cities or towns.

The county is required to set a cap on a property that is at least 10,00 square feet in size and is owned by the city or municipality.

If there is more than one car on the property, the minimum amount of space that is available is set by that city or town.

A minimum of 25 cars per vehicle can be located on the lot of a commercial or

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