Why do I love to drive?

Why do people love to rent cars?

According to Carla Carrington, the retired insurance agent who is now the owner of the popular Carla rental company in Melbourne, “the thrill of owning your own vehicle is very rewarding”.

“I like the fact that I own it and can make a difference in my community, and that is what is most important to me.”

Carrington’s company, Carla, offers rental car and van hire, as well as vehicle maintenance and repair services to car owners and small business owners.

Carrington and her husband, Paul, started the company in 2002 and have been successful since.

The Carla Cars rental company is based at the Victorian Government-owned South Yarra Campus in Melbourne.

“There are many ways to make a positive impact in your community,” she said.

“I really enjoy being a part of that community and I love the fact I can help people in their day-to-day life and make a little bit of a difference.”

The company has more than 40 Melbourne-based drivers who drive for free and make an average of $150 per week.

They also offer car wash services and car rental onsite, Carrington said.

Carpooling Carpoolers have been praised for their positive impact on local communities and the environment, and Carrington has become a supporter of carpooling in the area.

“The carpool is fantastic for local communities, because it’s a good way to connect people in different areas,” she explained.

“It’s also a great way to avoid congestion.”

Carpool drivers are not only helping to reduce congestion on local roads, they also save on gas costs and maintain the environment.

Carla said her company’s cars were able to make an extra $5,000 to $10,000 per year because drivers were driving as little as four hours a day.

“We get about five caravans per week, and they’re doing all the maintenance on the vehicles,” she added.

Caravan drivers have been lauded for their efforts Caravan driver Andrew Leighton said that his experience as a carpooler had been “one of the greatest things I’ve ever done”.

“When you drive with other people, there’s usually more room in the car and that allows for a more relaxed experience,” he said.

Mr Leighton, who was born and raised in Australia, said his experience with the Carla carpoolers had been invaluable.

“They’ve been very good, and the company has a lot of good experience as well,” he added.

Mr Leightnes experience with Carla was particularly valuable because he was a full-time truck driver in Victoria. “

Some people will go a bit further, and you know that they have your back.”

Mr Leightnes experience with Carla was particularly valuable because he was a full-time truck driver in Victoria.

“When I first started out, the company offered me a job, which I was really happy with, because they were a good company,” he explained.

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