How to compare rental car prices

With many cars having been redesigned for the internet age, and many consumers being forced to find a new lease, how to compare the rental car deals in your area?

Car rental comparison site Car Rental Compare lets you compare rental cars on price, range and safety. 

In this article, we’ll compare two cars, a Mercedes Benz E-Class and a Porsche 928 Turbo. 

What we’ll do is use Car Ruals data to compare each car’s price, fuel economy, price of maintenance and more. 

The first part of our Car Raille comparisons are on fuel economy and the second part are on maintenance. 

This comparison looks at the Mercedes Benz’s petrol consumption, fuel efficiency, cost of maintenance, and more, so you can make up your own mind. 

You can read more about car rentals and fuel efficiency here . 

Here’s the Mercedes-Benz E-class: 1,096 km/l average fuel economy (MPG) (estimated) 2.4 mpg (estimate) 4.1 mpg in city (est.

MPG) 6.5 mpg on the highway 5.9 mpg city/highway 11.4% of fleet miles $30,852 (est.)

$40,965 (est) £42,619 (est, quoted) $35,817 (est) £39,955 (st) Exclusive Features and Features The Mercedes-Zuck offers a range of exclusives to choose from, including a new engine, heated and cooled front seats, power steering wheel, and a new driver assistance system. 

Also, there are several upgrades on offer for those who want more.

The E-series, as it’s affectionately called, has an automatic transmission. 

There are also the latest technologies, including electric and hybrid powertrains, which allow the car to move more efficiently on highways. 

And the Mercedes is also equipped with a rearview camera, which makes for a more comfortable driving experience. 

All that being said, the Mercedes E-Series is still priced at around $40k (£32,000) for the base version, and up to $54,000 (£44,000). 

The Porsche 929 Turbo has been around since the 90s, and has been offered for decades. 

Now, it has been upgraded to a 928, which is an all-wheel drive model, meaning it can be used on the roads with the same capabilities as a regular 928. 

As a Porsche, the 928 is more affordable than the Mercedes, and its petrol consumption is comparable. 

Price as reviewed: £42,819 (st) £55,865 (st, quoted), £54,500 (£50,000, est) Fuel economy: Exclusively-charged 928 (est.), petrol (est%) 1.9 l/100 km (est., quoted) 2,5 l/112 km (st quoted) 4 l/125 km (most quoted) 6 l/149 km (all quoted) Maintenance: Premium interior (est), automatic transmission (est ), heated and chilled front seats (est ) 6.1 km/h 4.2 km/kph (EST) 6 km/hp (ST quoted)

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