Cars rental service in Boise: ‘We’re going to be around forever’

Boise, Idaho – The idea for a car rental company called Vieques Car Rental was born.

The service is a result of Boise City Council member Lisa Stebbins’ quest to create a new rental option.

The city councilmember believes it will make the Boise area more livable.

“This is not about what is cheapest or the fastest or the most economical,” Stebbs said.

“This is about keeping Boiseers out of the car rental business.

We need to be able to stay connected to our communities.”

Vieques, which stands for Value Over Profit, is a new car rental service that allows residents of Boise to rent their cars at discounted rates.

The company provides vehicles for a fee and rents them out for a period of time.

The rental service offers customers a variety of vehicles, from luxury sedans to sport utility vehicles and even luxury trucks.

Stebbuins said she hopes to offer the service to customers who may not otherwise have the means to rent a vehicle.

The company’s website lists rental rates for rental vehicles ranging from $25 to $200 per month.

Renters can choose between two vehicles, including a luxury SUV, sport utility vehicle, truck or SUV.

Vieque is offering vehicles at $25 per month and $80 per month, depending on vehicle size and destination.

The maximum rental fee per vehicle is $1,200.

Renting a vehicle for a longer period of a month requires a $250 deposit, but the company is offering a $5 deposit.

The service is located at 7400 S.W. Third Ave.

The location is accessible by the following methods: by a taxi, carpool, public transit or a self-service Uber.

Stibbuins hopes to eventually expand the service, but said the city has not given her the green light.

Vic’s car rental services, the car share service Vic, offers a car sharing program that allows renters to rent cars for a short period of the day.

Stobbuins is hoping to add a car-sharing option to the service.

Vic’s website currently lists a number of car rental options for $15 per day, but she plans to add an additional vehicle rental service at a later date.

Vikki Rental offers car sharing in Boise.

Rental vehicles can be purchased for as little as $15 for an hour of time, and the rental fee is $3 per vehicle.

Stubbs said she is interested in adding a car share option to this service, so she is planning to start the process this week.

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