Car rental eugenia is coming to the South East

Car rental in Santiago de Chile is coming soon to the region.

Car rental company Caravan Rentel is the first operator to enter the South Atlantic island of Caravan as part of its “Caravan” initiative, which has seen the arrival of hundreds of car rentals from across the region over the last two years.

Caravan Rentels owner, José de Almeida, said that the company had a large presence in Santiago’s car rental market and that Caravan was looking for people who want to use the car for longer periods of time.

“Car rental is an essential part of the Santiago economy and it’s the most popular form of transport for tourists,” said Mr Almeido.

“It is a very attractive option for those who want a quick and easy way to get around.

The average rental in the region is around 50,000 euros a month, so Caravan has the potential to make a lot of money from a car rental,” he said.

Mr Almeidon said that Caravans main objective was to serve the people of Caravangal, which is a city of about 100,000 people, with the car rental service.

“We offer a car sharing scheme where anyone can get a car for a set period of time without having to pay for it, but we also have a car hire scheme that offers a car in exchange for a short term stay in the city,” he explained.

“Our aim is to create a long term connection between the people who rent the cars and those who will use them.”

The company has already launched a pilot scheme in the southern part of Santiago, offering car rental from the airport.

The company is currently seeking applicants for its first pilot project in the South, and is seeking help from the public to help it with this.

“The number of new cars that have been added to the market has increased significantly, so we have to find people who can use the cars for longer,” Mr Almasida said.

“To find this, we are looking for a small group of people who have some experience in the car industry and are willing to take on the responsibility of finding new car rental opportunities.”

Caravan has also partnered with CaravanRentel, which offers car rental services in the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe, to offer its services in Santiago.

The firm is also looking for help to expand its service in the next few years.

“When we started out, we had only a handful of car rental partners in the country.

Today we have over 100 car rental companies and we hope that our partnership will help us in expanding the number of car hire operators that are already operating in Santiago,” Mr De Almeid said.

Caravans “Caravangale” and “Casa Caravando” car rental cars are currently on display in the Santiago area.

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