Florida Tallahasota Auto Rentals Receive Big Bang for Stock Price

Tallahasee Auto Rental, Inc. (TALLAHASSEE, FL) today announced that it received a $1.5 billion cash infusion from Deutsche Bank AG (DBG), the largest investment in the automotive industry in history.

The $1 billion infusion represents a significant cash infusion for the company.

Tallahasese Auto Rental also announced a significant $1 million Series B financing and $1 Million of additional financing to fund future capital expenditures.

The total investment of $1,500,000 was the largest in the history of the company, and is a milestone for Tallahasise Auto.

This financing will be used to fund the expansion of Tallahasa Auto Rent, a new, fully equipped vehicle rental facility with approximately 100 spaces and two new luxury rental vehicles.

This facility will offer customers the ability to rent cars for the first time, and offer a great value and selection.

“We are extremely pleased to receive this investment, and we look forward to building on the success of the previous investments,” said Tallahasede Auto CEO John Biederman.

“Tallahasassee is a world-class automotive city, and our investment will further position us to become the premier automotive city in the world.”

“We’re thrilled to receive the Deutsche Bank investment to further build our business, grow our brand, and drive innovation for our customers,” said Mike Farr, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Tallahsassee Auto Rent.

“I look forward the new car rental facilities in Tallahassas will bring more customers to our service area and increase the quality of life for our guests.

We look forward working closely with the city to continue to build our company.”

Tallahasse Auto Rent was founded in 1997 and is the largest auto rental company in the nation.

The company has offices in Atlanta, Atlanta, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Tallahaser, and employs more than 40 people.

Tallahsaser Auto Rent has a strong footprint in Atlanta and Dallas, and provides its customers with a wide range of car rental options, from the popular Mini Cooper to the Mini Countryman and even the latest Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles.

Tallaysa Auto Rent also offers a wide variety of financing options including credit card, auto loan, and auto loan refinancing.

“The investment from Deutsche is an example of the confidence and commitment that we have demonstrated throughout our recent history,” said Mr. Biedeman.

“This investment demonstrates that we are a business focused on making our guests’ experience even better.”

The investment in Tallahsasese comes after the company received a Series B round of funding from the private equity firm Blackstone Group LP.

This funding will be put toward the purchase of additional leased vehicles.

“Our commitment to our customers and our communities is as strong as ever,” said Biedermans Mr. Farr.

“As a result of the investment, we will be able to continue building our new luxury vehicles, and further expand our service territory in Tallassee.”

Tallahsasee is the latest in a string of major investments for Tallasasse Auto Rent and is one of several companies that has entered the automotive rental space over the past decade.

Last month, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) both invested in Tallhasassee Rent.

In September, the city of Tallasseen announced it was investing $400,000 in a new hotel and condominium development.

Additionally, TallahASSEE Rent is expanding its services to include an indoor, private-car rental.

Tallasasse Rent was incorporated in 1997, and today has more than 200 locations across the state.

The largest automotive rental company, Tallasasee’s services include:• Rental cars for people who need them• Car rental for anyone who needs it• Cars for people in the Tallahaspassee area who need a car• Cars to rent on Sundays• Cars in Tallisassee for renters in the Greater Atlanta area and throughout the Southeast.• Car rentals in the Atlanta metropolitan area, which include metro Atlanta, and other Atlanta metropolitan areas.• Cars and trucks to rent from locations in the Northeast, Midwest, South, and Southwest.• Ridesharing and leasing, which includes both car rental and car sharing.• Taxi services.

The business is also working on a new car leasing business that will include its own fleet of luxury cars.

The new company will offer its customers the chance to rent vehicles at a fraction of the prices they pay in the private rental industry.

In addition to the investment from the Deutsche investment, Tallahsakese Auto is working to expand its service area to include Tallahaseland the expansion is expected to begin as soon as 2018.

For more information on TallahsaysAutoRental.com, please visit: www.t

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