When your Airbnb Airbnb is a rental car, it’s your responsibility to make sure it’s safe to drive

When your car rental service is hosting an Airbnb, you may need to be more vigilant about keeping your car safe.

The terms of your lease require that you pay for any damage or damage to your vehicle and, if your car is a guest car, the owner will pay the bill.

Airbnb’s terms of use say the owner of the vehicle has the right to have it towed and, under certain circumstances, may have the right for the owner to claim damages.

But this doesn’t apply if the car is rented by a guest.

When you book a car rental through Airbnb, your name is listed as the driver on your booking page.

This is a convenient way to identify your driver and allows you to contact them for any issues.

However, Airbnb doesn’t require you to notify the rental company of any problems.

Instead, you must notify the Airbnb booking agent or manager if your vehicle is damaged, even if the damage was caused by a normal user of your service.

If the vehicle is stolen or damaged, you’ll have to contact the local police to report it.

You should also keep your car in a locked room with a key and locked windows.

You may also want to lock your vehicle’s doors.

You can also contact Airbnb’s safety team to ask for additional safety tips.

Airbus Airtop’s terms and conditions also state that if your Airbnb guest car is damaged in a crash, the rental will cover the repair and replacement costs of your car.

If your vehicle becomes lost or damaged after being rented, Airbnb will pay you the cost of any repairs and replacement parts.

Airbitz’s terms say it’s up to you to check with the Airbnb safety team if your rental car is being rented by someone who doesn’t meet the terms of the rental agreement.

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