Which Uber driver is the most dangerous?

Uber has released a new video showing drivers who’ve been accused of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, which includes the case of a woman who was found unconscious on the side of the road after a drunken driver left her phone on the dash while she was driving.

The video, which was released to the public on Wednesday, was shot by an Uber driver in San Francisco, California.

It shows a woman, identified only as “Catherine,” sitting on the ground with her head down as her car begins to roll.

A female passenger yells for the driver to stop and tells her to get out.

But as Catherine drives away, a male passenger jumps in front of the car, throws a bottle, and slams the car door shut.

He then drives off, hitting the passenger in the head.

The passenger then begins to struggle, and a female passenger can be heard shouting, “Please help me!

I’m dead!”

Catherine, who is white, is then seen grabbing her cellphone, pulling out a knife, and stabbing the passenger.

Catherine then takes the knife from the passenger and stabs the driver in the back.

The woman is then stabbed multiple times, but can be seen on video continuing to struggle.

Catherine then pulls out a gun, and begins firing multiple shots at the passenger before she is shot by the driver.

“We are saddened and disgusted by this act of violence and the tragic loss of Catherine’s life,” Uber said in a statement.

“Cathy is a passenger who was traveling with Uber when this attack occurred.

This driver, who was identified by law enforcement as Richard Allen, was not licensed to operate in California.

We are also calling on the driver and passenger to immediately contact the authorities if they have any information about Catherine’s death.”

Uber added that it would continue to monitor the situation and “support the families and friends of the victims in this tragic and senseless act.”

A spokeswoman for the California Highway Patrol said that the CHP was investigating the incident, and that it was “actively pursuing the driver.”

Uber said that Allen, of Santa Monica, California, was licensed to drive for Uber and was not in any danger of harming anyone.

Uber said that “after the incident,” Allen “was issued a $200 citation, and booked for DUI and assault with a deadly weapon.”

In August, a passenger was injured when a man in his 20s pulled a knife from a bag and stabbed her in the stomach after she called 911.

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