When is your car rental coming to Melbourne?

Posted October 09, 2018 06:32:34 While many are excited about the new car rental business in Melbourne, there are others who are not so sure.

A survey of car rental agents in Melbourne revealed that many are unsure if their cars will be in their local area in time for the holidays.

As of Thursday, September 27, the last day of the holiday season, only 19% of respondents had confirmed their rental arrangements, and 25% had no plans to move from their existing locations.

Only 6% of car rentals in Melbourne were scheduled to start the following day.

As well as the uncertainty around whether your car will be available when you want it to be, the survey also revealed that car rental prices across the city were rising.

While prices for cars were still relatively high at $9,400 per week, the price of a standard-issue Hyundai car in the CBD was now $21,600.

For some drivers, the increase in costs was a major concern.

“We’ve had a little bit of a dip in the price, but it’s definitely not as bad as I’d like to see,” one client of a car rental in Melbourne’s east said.

“I’m a bit scared about my car, because it’s not the same as when I first moved here, it’s got a lot of issues with its engine and it’s just a little more expensive now.”

Car rental agents also said they were having difficulty finding a vehicle for sale, with some saying they had only seen one car available.

One Melbourne car rental agent, who did not wish to be named, said they had been seeing the same issue with their car for the last few months.

“There’s been a lot less cars on the market and more of them have gone up in price,” the agent said.

“It’s been frustrating, we’ve just been trying to find a car.”

In response to the survey, Melbourne’s City of Industry and the Car Rentals Association said they are committed to improving car rental affordability and quality.

“The survey we conducted today shows that the public want to see Melbourne’s rental industry more affordable and better-run, so we are continuing to work towards that goal through our new car leasing scheme and working with our partners to create a fairer rental market,” a spokesperson for City of Industries said.

Car rental companies are also in a tough spot.

“It’s frustrating for a lot people when you’ve got this large number of people going out of their way to get a car for a week, but they’re unable to find one,” one customer of a rental agency in the city said.

A spokesperson for the Melbourne Car Rental Association said that the survey is a sign of a change in the rental market and said the industry was on track to meet all requirements of the law.

“This survey is an indication of the positive change we’re seeing across the industry, with an increase in demand for rental vehicles, and the industry is in good shape to meet our statutory requirements,” the spokesperson said.

The City of Industrial said that car rentals have long had a strong reputation for providing a good experience for residents and guests.

“When you’re in a rental, you can have a wonderful time with your mates and your partner and the community, and you can enjoy the benefits of a safe and pleasant ride in a car,” the organisation said.

However, some residents, who live near the car rental companies, feel that they do not receive the best of the car industry.

“They’re just a few years behind on the car,” one resident of a Melbourne car park said.

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